ND-2800-OD Nano DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer

ND-2800-OD Nano DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a standalone, easy-to-use and compact spectrophotometer that is ideal for quick measurement of concentration and purity of nucleic acid and purified protein samples by using 230nm, 260nm and 280nm. ND-2800-OD has been upgraded with an additional feature, OD600 measurement, which allows quantification of bacteria concentration in liquid suspension by using cuvette.

Samples of 0.5 μl to 2 μl can be measured by pipetting directly onto lower pedestal without requiring absorption cell or cuvette and the results can be obtained in less than 10 seconds. The newly 7-inch colour touchscreen and intuitive graphical interface make operation easy and user friendly. Results can be printed with the built-in printer or exported via USB flash drive.

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توضیحات :


  • Standalone
    Integrated Android system eliminates the need for a separate computer
  • ۷-inch touch screen
    Easy and flexible operation with 7-inch color touchscreen interface
  • OD۶۰۰
    OD۶۰۰ pre-defined program for measuring concentration of bacteria
  • Microvolume
    Only require 0.5-2 μL samples for analysis, save your precious samples
  • Easy and Rapid
    Simply pipette, measure and wipe clean. Fast measurement time of less than 10 seconds
  • No Dilution
    No dilution of samples required
  • No Warm Up
    No more waiting time to warm up lamp
  • Long Lifespan
    Xenon flash lamp, 109 flashes (up to 10 years)
  • Compact
    Small footprint design conserves bench space
  • Flexible data output
    Results can be printed with built-in thermal printer. Data can be exported via USB

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Nano DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer ND-2800-OD, DC 24V


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