NS-100 NanoScan Microplate Reader

NS-100 NanoScan Microplate Reader is an excellent and versatile absorbance microplate reader that is essential for laboratories that require routine measurement of concentration or absorbance in 96-well plates. It is intended for use in various applications such as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays), protein quantification, cell proliferation, enzyme kinetic as well as colorimetric assays.

With fast reading speed, great performance and reproducible result, users no longer have to worry about inaccuracy or time-consuming measurements for your assays.

The NS-100 NanoScan Microplate Reader offers user-friendly interface with convenient data output, large data storage, built-in shaker for uniform cell suspension and homogenized coloured solutions. It is an economical. robust and stand-alone system that does not require any external computer. The compact design takes up only minimal space making it suitable for small laboratories.

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نام محصول : نانو اسکن میکروپلیت :::NS-100 NanoScan Microplate Reader


  • ۷-inch touch screen with intuitive control panel
  • Can be operated as a stand-alone system or connects to printer [optional]
  • ۸ channel vertical optical path
  • Broad wavelength range (4 standard filters: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm with optional filters from 340-750 nm)
  • Flexible data output (thermal printer or export via USB drive)
  • Built-in shaker with 3 modes of speed selection
  • Fast and reproducible measurement within 6 seconds
  • Automatic motorized door for convenient sample loading
  • Analyses include pre-processing for dual mode reads, +/- interpretation with controls, concentration determination, curve fits, and kinetic measurement analyses & curves


  • Protein quantification
  • Cell proliferation and growth curves
  • Enzyme kinetic assay
  • Colorimetric assay



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