ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer

ND-3800-OD Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer

is a robust microspectrophotometer that provides full spectrum UV-Vis analysis. The newly added application of OD 600 measurement with cuvette mode enables measuring of bacteria concentration in liquid suspension to monitor growth of bacterial cultures. Enhanced with 7-inch touch screen design and built-in Android system, it allows quick navigation of application modules, easy operation and access of data without requiring connecting to a compute.

It is an integrated system that delivers fast and reliable quantification of nucleic acid and protein with microvolume samples as little as 0.5 μL

فروشنده شرکت آواژن


نام محصول : میکروسپکتورفوتومتر

توضیحات محصول :


Integrated Android system eliminates the need for a separate computer

۷-inch touch screen
Easy and flexible operation with 7-inch color touchscreen interface

OD۶۰۰ pre-defined program for measuring concentration of bacteria

Only require 0.5-2 μL samples for analysis, save your precious samples

Easy and Rapid
Simply pipette, measure and wipe clean. Fast measurement time of less than 10 seconds

No Dilution
No dilution of samples required

No Warm Up
No more waiting time to warm up lamp

Long Lifespan
Xenon flash lamp, 109 flashes (up to 10 years)

Small footprint design conserves bench space

Flexible data output
Results can be printed with built-in thermal printer. Data can be exported via USB

توضیحات تکمیلی

Cat. No

Nano DOT Microspectrophotometer ND-3800-OD, DC 24V


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